"Art On The Fence" A Rotating Exhibit

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Been a bit desperate to show my work somehow. I shared some VR art exhibitions last week; but it is not the same as showing work in person. We get so much foot traffic by our house; so many people walking their dogs or just walking to get out; so I decided to create a small rotating art exhibit on the fence. So here is the first incarnation.


Here Theo is guarding the prints in the front. A closer look at the flyer.

Art On the Fence.jpg


Here is the layout in the front will make it a bit neater next time.


I posted a Linkedin article on the little exhibit. Let me know who you are if you decide to friend me on there.



Lola is protecting the art from squirrels.


Cool idea!

Thank you. Kind of low on options, lol!

This is a very nice idea!! I love how you're so passionate with showing it to the world. And lol you got a private security guard for the gallery. Well done Lola!
I hope your works don't get damaged with the rain though.

What a great idea!
Are you active on discord? I messaged you there, let me know if you would like to do some art curating.

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It would even be more fun if the dogs were tied outside of the fence .... just kidding, of course you want sales. But for a short while maybe, with a hidden camera?

Thats a cool idea Dania! Love it and great artworks btw!