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RE: Spider Coccoon

in #art2 years ago (edited)

Spidey sensei here to bless us with her spidey knowledge! Huu not sure if I should follow your trail yet since my vote is barely even worth a cent 😓 Don't really know how to adjust my percentage and all that

And ohhh I really hope to be able to make 2 entries(maybe even 3 if I have the time) for the upcoming archdruid contest since there are 2/3 games I'd really like to make posts of!

Also look at all those beautiful spidey arts compiled together❤❤❤



To be honest, I am also not super knowledgeable about things, so let's work through things together XD I just checked your stats, Thilah, and you're not yet 500 SP, so the percentage adjustment is not yet unlocked for you, I think...

But, YES! Please do join the next round :D I am definitely going to try to spread rewards better for everyone who participates!