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RE: 🚪 Turning Trash into a Time Machine ♻️ Building Guerrilla Art in the Park

in #art2 years ago
What an awesome story! I like how you took scraps and made such a wonderful ephemeral art installation in the park! Great job on it, too! This was definitely one of my favorite posts in PYPT this week! Your photos are marvelous, and those last two shots are especially splendid! The night shot is wicked awesome!


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one of my favorite posts in PYPT this week!

awww... that's making me feel all warm and fluffy on the inside. PYPT was a great place to hang and I'm stoked to have received so much engagement on my post through it, too. I'll make sure to check back in this week :D

It was great to see you join us @fraenk .. and btw, @thekittygirl mentioned you'd like to share your contest post each week, feel free to drop it into the channel