Character Drawing Collab With My Japanese Friend (Traditional and Digital Arts Meet)

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Hey what's up beautiful people?
It's Shei and I'm back with another drawing!

I'm slowly getting back into action when it comes to drawing. Of course, I post my digital drawings here, but actually, I also post them on my social media where my non-Steemian friends would see.

A few days ago, one of my Japanese friends sent me a message on LINE asking me how I create my digital drawings. I told him I use a drawing tablet connected to my laptop, then utilize Paint Tool SAI in creating my drawings.

He told me that he tried making some digital arts but he said he wasn't good at making it, that's why he asked me. Since we're friends, I told him that if he ever needs help, he can ask me for it... and so he did. :)

Actually, he wants to make a character for his social media, website and other stuff... so I told him, if you have the design, I can help you in making the digital versions of them. He was so glad and told me that he'd contact me again once he's ready with the designs.

Yesterday, he sent me the designs and I found it really cute. Since it was my day off, I decided to happily work on it. I'm going to show you the digital versions of the character my friend made. It's simple, but very cute. He also included different expressions that I think we can use as LINE stickers. lol Check them out below!


This is how the character normally looks. Isn't it cute? Now, let me show you the facial expressions of the same character.








So cute! I really enjoyed making them. I think my friend did a great job in making this design. If you're curious about it, I'm going to show you his original design as well.


He might or might not use these photos, but I am happy to be able to collaborate with him. I don't get a lot of chances to do so. I'm also glad that he allowed me to share the drawing here. I hope to collaborate with someone again. ^^

Thanks a lot for checking this post out. I hope you enjoyed looking at the cute character's various expressions. See you again soon! (^^,)/

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