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Hello friends, I hope you are well and be very creative!

With this my greeting, I welcome you to my blog and I hope you like it and come back here

This is my creation to join the contest, created by the friend @xpilar, I invite you to follow it so you can enjoy your creations and be inspired to create.

When I was younger, my friends and I used to always go out to have fun, any place was conducive to a bochinche arm, we always had fun with any nonsense, because as boys at last everything was fun.

This image reminds me, a school project entrusted to us, our job was to collect plastic bottles to recycle, at that time collecting plastic was very easy, because empty bottles were everywhere, I remember that only in a few days, We collected a little more than 1000 bottles, after collecting them we had to sort them by color and size, we made huge balls of different colors, they were very large, and as for us everything was a bochinche, we took the balls “we decorate the space” we turned off the lights, and with the cell phone flashlights, we gave small flashes to the big plastic balls and had fun for a while.

This image made me remember that moment and I liked it very much, because that was a stage of my life, very fun and beautiful, that's why friend @xpilar, I thank you, that even without having any idea of ​​this, you made me relive those pleasant moments, thank you very much for this

Text of my creation @sughey

Inspired by the digital art of friend @xpilar