My ArtVenture: Watercolor painting: „Early morning“

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Hello dear Steemians,


Today I wanted to present you one of my favorite topic Windmills. That might be because we are travelling soon for our Christmas holidays, we usually cross Netherlands and that is something that we see the whole time during our trip.

When I see those constructions I always think how clever the people were in past, living without electricity, they already knew about the power of wind-energy and used it to make it easy to gain flour from wheat.

Another type of Mills are watermills again it is another power of nature that also can make the life of people easier. Every time when we see Wind-or-watermills me and my hubby make jokes that we will probably sale our house and buy such Windmills that is converted into house where we can live.


Why not, never stop dreaming :)

So now here it is my painting.


My step-by-step process:







The finished painting


Watercolor painting „Early morning“ by @Stef1

Rough watercolour textured paper 30x40 cm, paper weight 300 gsm, watercolours colours in pans and tubes, flat and round brushes


Photo source









I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing :-)




Великолепная картина. В прочем, как всегда :)

Спасибо Алех, я стараюсь регулярно рисовать чтобы руку набить, хотя в последнее время времени практически нет :)

The color of the sky is very beautiful.
I enjoyed reading you and your husband's joke. Living without electricity may be inconvenient, but I think it is rich and fun.
Have a nice Christmas trip!

I think nowadays we are so circled in our four walls and do not much outside which is really pity. Especially seeing our son, and his mates. That is why simple life is something that you are close to nature :)

Our trip is planned just before Christmas eve, I am very excited about that !!!

This is a beautiful piece of art. The kind of ship used in the oldies.

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Thank you Max for stopping by and compliment :)

Какая прекрасная работа! Я не знал, что вы говорите по-русски! 😜

ТЫ БОЛЬШОЙ МОЛОДЕЦ! Уже отлично получается!

Я тоже, несмотря на то что уже давно общаемся :)

I'm learning it so I don't have so many difficulties getting around in Eastern Europe. 😊

Очень красивая картина. Я тоже не знала, что вы говорите по-русски. Очень приятно. Всегда рассматриваю ваши работы и учусь... Это очень здорово уметь так рисовать.

Спасибо, а можно на ты, как-то удобнее так писать. Рада что ты продолжаешь рисование :)

Мне это очень нравится.

hola amigo tu trabajo es excelente, muy hermoso y natural, manejas esta tecnica magistralmente, te pregunto. hace un tiempo atras, he querido publicar por "steempress" pero no lo he logrado, me puedes invitar a entrar? seria excelente para mis publicaciones de arte, o me puedes decir como publico desde steempress? gracias amigo por tu atención.


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