My entry for @googlyeyes | A minha entrada para @googlyeyes

in art •  9 months ago 

My entry for @googlyeyes | A minha entrada para @googlyeyes

Made for @googlyeyes and @googlyprize | Feito para o @googlyeyes e @googlyprize

This is funny | Este é divertido
Banana, Courgette, Tomato, and mini Chinese Cucumber | Banana, Corgete, Tomate, e mini Pepino Chinês

Say if you like it. | Digam se gostaram
Jimbo the kid of Steemit | Jimbo, o puto do Steemit

PS - Post Scriptum:

My son is only six years old, please read this introduceyourself post in , Jimbo The kid of Steemit

O meu filho tem apenas seis anos de idade, por favor leia este post em introduceyourself, Jimbo The kid of Steemit

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is that one from the family we met before?!?

that tomato for the lips is awesome.

it's a bit too much face for my taste, but it looks so dang hilarious :D

I agree, not super art but very funny. ;)
Yes it is from the family.

@fraenk shared your work of art with us at PYPT this past week, the oldest curation show on Discord for Steem posts. Everyone was impressed with your creativity! Good job! 😊

Thanks a lot @thekittygirl.
I'm very proud and my family too.

Pretty crazy : -)
It deserves 10,000 GEEK tokens

Thanks a lot for your offer and support.

It's my pleasure :-)

Googly eyes make everything funnier!

#pypt brought me here, and I'm glad it did!

Yes, and this one is very funny. :)

This is great@steemean !!

Thanks a lot. I love it

Resteemed!. Really funny!

Thanks . Lol

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lol this is hilarious, it's very entertaining, just found it in #pypt discord server. Thanks for sharing this funny googlyeyes. lol

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Thanks a lot.
I've posted this for the fun. :)

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