Showcase Sunday: Mixed Media Collages | made for Whisper Gallery on Steem

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One of the most exciting things, for me, about coming to Steem has been the possibility of working together with other artists. I've been able to commission an artist in Venezuela to draw my portrait, I've had my portrait drawn 'as a gift' a few times, I've been able to combine my photography with someone else's poetry and vice versa, and, last but not least, I've been able to participate in @mrblinddraw's Whisper Gallery - challenging artists to create something based on the artwork of the previous artist, and so on.

I've written quite a few posts about the process and end result before, so I won't do that for this 'Showcase Sunday' post. Instead, I will share an overview of the posts at the end of this post. Instead I just want to share the two pieces I made for Whisper Gallery II and Gallery III in this post, as I liked both the fact that I was able to work with other artists on Steem as well as the end results. Also, I've never shown the pieces 'together' - but seeing them next to each other does show some similarities you might not be able to notice when viewing them apart.

These artworks would never have been made without connecting with people on Steem as I have never before made 'digital collages' or 'GIFs' or 'mixed media art' before, and don't know if I would ever have been challenged to do so. So I'm excited about that. I hope you like the works. And @mrblinddraw, if you're reading this, come back you! <3

Gallery II

Dance - mixed media collage

Dance - GIF of process in Photoshop

Gallery III

Memories - mixed media collage

Memories - GIF of process in Photoshop

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I remember seeing these pieces and they are great. What a fun idea to collaborate with others too!