I'm now guilty of sharing an 'I have a new profile picture!' update on Steem

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More than 4 months ago I was surprised by a sudden mention of a post by @saravm82, who had decided to draw me with the watercolour technique, based on a picture she found on my profile page:

A few days ago, surfing through the tags that refer to the "Creative" and the "Art" of the Steemit platform, I found a post with an image that catch my attention. That post belongs to "@soyrosa" and I felt inspired by the brilliant colors in red and orange tones and the lines between sharp and blurred of the image, which reminds me that some time ago I have been practicing my techniques in watercolor; and in my opinion I have progressed slowly thanks to practice, constancy and perseverance.

It was inspired by a selfie that I use in my @creativecoin curation reports:

As you can see she did a creative interpretation of that portrait and I love the end-result. As I said on her post 'she totally makes me look bad-ass' <3 I've seen people draw my face trying to be more 'precise', often resulting in an image that I don't necessarily recognize myself in - while this more freely interpreted and abstract image feels very much 'like me'.

Somehow she capture me, and it definitely makes me want to dye my hair red :D

Huge compliments therefor to @saravm82 who I hope will start to post on Steem again so I can follow her journey and promote her work a little more :-)

I pretty much cropped and brushed off the white of the image a bit, and was pretty pleased with the result to use it as an avatar. I think 'I changed my profile picture' posts are a bit annoying, as we've seen too many of them on Facebook (right?), but in this case two people started to ask questions about them, so I decided to do a post to honour the work of a fellow Steemian <3

Here are the people guilty for this post:

Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 22.17.59.png

Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 22.18.05.png

Thanks @phortun and @fotostef for ignoring my epic post and skipping to my profile picture ;-)

PS: I tried to find @saravm82 on Discord so I could see if she had a second photo/file for me that I could use, but I didn't succeed, if someone knows her Discord ID that would be pretty amazing!

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Love it. Did you die your hair red, or did you just feel the urge? It took me 2 years to change my pic.. but I got fed up with being called brother coz of the landrover 😁

LOL! People and their subconscious associations with gender :') @whatsup is also often assumed to be a man on Steem :D Must be the blue/purple avatar :-)

Love the new profile pic though - I didn't dye my hair, but seeing the watercolour I'm sort of thinking it would look good on me :D

You're a Beaut @soyrosa That's all I could say :D

:D Thanks @cryptopie! That's sweet of you to say :-)

Cool! New steem new you😀👌

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Exactly! :D It's time for a new look ;-)

Looking good!

Giving @skyleap some serious competition there.

Now you've challenged yourself I'll look forward to photos with the real red!

We definitely have some cool artists on Steem, and if 'competition' means they keep on challenging themselves I'm all for it! :D

Eh... Yes. Maybe I'll try one of those washable red dies first haha! :D Would definitely be cool to see :D

You're amazing :D

Thank you @revisesociology
That's a cool profile picture!
I will draw @soyrosa
Please look forward to it :)))

The artist captured your expression and summed it with how you sometimes feel.

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Yes, she did, and we don't even know each other - I think it's a true gift :-)

Updating a profile picture!? That should not be allowed! I get all confused when people do it because my mind is very visual.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Heh, same here :) I find every profile pic change somewhat disruptive, that´s why I always notice...

I don’t like change!

Me neither. (I know it sounds weird from someone with nomadic lifestyle though :D)

It sure does 😂

It probably has something to do with my ocd :) I like my routines, my rituals, things happening certain ways that I am used to... And I am actually not that nomadic. We usually stay at a place for at least a couple of months...

Sorry :P

:P I expect a severe lack of upvotes from my followers now on! I fully expect many people to stop recognizing me, lol!

(And I recognize the problem, which is why it took me so long to take the step :D)

It’s gonna take some getting used to 😂

good to announce it as i would probably miss half of your posts :) i have a weird connection of people with their avatars (profile pictures). and i think it is not even the face, it is a pattern of colors and shades.

Yes, I have the same, so I was aware this was 'risky' of me to do. Lucky thing is, once people realize it is me they will recognize me sooner from now on, the red must catch the eye more easily than my previous portrat :D

yap this will pop up, i just need to reprogram myself :D

Guilty as charged :)

What can I say, I am just too curious! Your epic post was epic but I couldn't help myself from asking about the avatar, maybe it was the red that hit me in the eye!

:D I think it is the red indeed! It is what makes me so happy about this drawing too, I feel it makes it nice and strong :-)

She really did an amazing job! I really love the picture, it pops! I can see why people love drawing you because you have a very distinctive beauty. It caught my eye because I recently just went red and now any red head I see I’m like yay! I totally think you should go red!

I was born a red head but didn’t get to keep it for long so I was like “I’m going back to where I started!” 😁


Ahhh @crosheille - thanks for your lovely comment! :D But DAMN, talking about beauty! You're gorgeous! And that red including the brains and all - it suits you SO MUCH! I'm really impressed. Didn't even mention the smile <3 Your picture really made me smile, thanks for sharing <3

Absolutely ;)

Awwww...wow thank you! You are so sweet! I really appreciate those sweet comments. Glad I could make you smile ~ xoxo