The Red Woman (Work in Progress)

in #artlast year

Here's an oil painting my fiance has been working on for a while now. I call it the red woman.
The face is starting to take shape though i bet my fiance will keep fiddling with it quite a bit more. It might end up looking totally different when its actually finished.
Here's a more zoomed out shot where you can see some of the roughed in areas.
eyilh9.jpg This is what she looked like pre-hair with only a light coating of paint on the canvas.
At this point you can still see some of the blank canvas and the basic shadows roughed in.
Here is the first picture I took of the process right after sketching was done. I like her angry looking expression. We'll see how it turns out in a few months or so.
A shot of the red toned pallette.
And the paint she uses.


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That is a very intense work in progress, would like to see final form

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work

Thanks, we'll see how long my fiance takes to finish it lol.

Pretty cool looking

Thanks :-) i had no idea you were on steem too.

I joined in the early days, I pop in now and then to vote for some content and post random things once in a while.

woow is amazing you art :D me gusto mucho tu arte de la mujer, éxitos y muchas bendiciones

Thanks this is my fiance's art, i couldn't paint a paint by number lol.

Pretty cool i like it art and music go well together 👍

She paints while i make racket in the other room.

Oh...well that explains the look on the red woman's face 🤣 🤣

Haha definitely, probably when i was trying out a distortion pedal.

Well that explains it then lay of that pedal till she finishes so it can have a happy 😀