Six tiny sweet portraits just finished! ^_^

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Even if I had a couple of busy days for some family's problems (everything looks know ^_^), I finished all the 6 tiny pet portraits for the commission I received from a nice customer and so I can show you the entire group of furry friends ! ^_^

At first, the 3 funny dogs:

At second, the 3 funny cats:

I shared with you some of them in the previous days, but today I finished the last 2 ones and I'm satisfied by the result. It was really funny to paint 6 furry friends using my own illustrative style and I think I'll work soon on some new tiny pet portraits like these.

They are oil painting on 200 gsm paper in A4 size, I took a pic of one of them in my hand to show you better the measures:

I ope you like them!

See ya soon,


silvia beneforti

silvia beneforti

These are indeed super sweet x

Thanks 😊

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I have no words, only sounds:) And it's AWWWWWWW sound:):):)

Thanks so much, @inber ♥️

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All this littles are so beautiful 😻

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Love them !

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Wow Silvia! They all came out wonderfully ! Each is so adorable and so lovely, I love all six! The three dogs and the three cats are all so cute !!!!


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