Coloring page

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Coloring page

I made a free coloring page. Print it or color it digital if you like. Feel free to post the result but tag me if you do. :)

I decided to make one as we all have to stay inside. Coloring can be very relaxing.;)

Hope you will have a lot of fun!

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Printed and given to the kids, lets see if they color it ;)

I asked if they knew who the artist was and can proudly say they knew it was the same that did the shirts because "he always has a lot of eyes". Versed in the arts already!

Well if they do I send some stickers :D


Haha thats so awesome! Thanks for telling me :D

Hey friend. It's been a while.
This piece looks like the place of the evil. Waiting for who will do the coloring.

It sure is a while. Hope you’re doing fine? Thank you very much!

Sure, I am doing great. Just tranna get better in what I'm doing.

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Are you going to colour it too? Or you have and are waiting to see what anyone else comes up with before you post yours? :)

It's colored :) here is the result 😃