Full Art Course: Paint a Kiss

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Here's a full half hour course that was rejected from Skillshare.

The sordid details of the lascivious course are as follows:

At first it was TOO SEXY for skillshare.
But after six weeks of persistent negotiations and unending graciousness on my part, Skillshare decided that the Level of Sexiness was in compliance.

I have since found out that they simply don't appreciate sexual content or nudity. Fortunately this video has neither, but I guess the kisses that I paint are just too hot to handle.

Next -- the problem was that the A/V Standards were not in compliance for the "Talking Head" sections.

Given that I shot this with an Ipad, I know the resolution is not the issue -- so it must be my unkempt room in the background [open closet door and hanging jacket], and the low light when I shot at night.

I have since obtained a fancy leather chair, and glowy warm lamp, set up against a blank white wall -- so that the future videos I submit will be radiant and luxurious.

Cheers to you Skillshare. I will make sure my next videos are in compliance.

HOWEVER this one, will not be reshot, because when I made this video, I spent probably a solid two days outlining, shooting and editing, not to mention two more days recording the kiss paintings.

And when I mixed it all together in Premiere, along with the inserts and everything else, It was not done so in a way that I could easily dissect the narration.

I would have needed to reshoot and re-edit the entire video, and I'm just not interested in doing that right now.

In consequence, Steemit, and Youtube and my Discord Channels get a Full Art Course -- a half hour of my thoughts about painting a kiss.

Enjoy. Like. Subscribe. Upvote. Become a Patron. Paint a Romance Comic. Draw a Kiss. Share your kiss paintings in the comments.

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