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RE: Iglu-Dorf snow hotel virtual tour - snow sculpture

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hey dear @ammonite, this is amazing !! all the precision and passion you put into building this ice hotel is truly extraordinary !! I saw that there is also a romantic suite with an Italian landscape, in the beautiful region of Tuscany !! really a lot of congratulations to you and your whole team


Cheers @road2horizon. Martijn and I are only two out of a team of around ten that build the hotel each year. We make the decor while the other guys build the igloos and do all the other construction. With each year it gets more ambitious and is really fun to see what we can do with just around one day in each room.
Martijn made the landscape room. He is an amazing artist from Holland.

it's really extraordinary! but how does it work that every year you have to do it again? is it like a construction company ??