"The MUSEUM OF POSTCARD ART - Update 6 Oct. 2020!!!" by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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Greetings Citizens,

It’s time for another update to the EVERLASTING and EVER EXPANDING Museum of Postcard Art! Normally, I would go through a huge explanation for what this project is about, how the “points” are figured, and all that jazz. This time, though, I’m just going to share the POSTCARDS. If you want to read the rules, check out my LAST update: HERE

mopa update 6 oct. 2020  peg.jpg

On to the ARTWORK!!!

Here’s the NEW BATCH… (some of them…)

0108 – “Seattle” by Inge Johnsson
0108  seattle  a.png

0108  seattle  b.png

[1 point]

0109 – “Seattle” by Mark Windom
0109  seattle  a.png

0109  seattle  b.png

[1 point]

0110 – “Seattle” by Ryan Liu
0110  seattle  a.png

0110  seattle  b.png

[1 point]

0111 – “Untitled (Irish Death)” by Mark Countz
0111  irish death  a.png

0111  irish death  b.png

[4 points]

0112 – “Atomic Clock” by M.W. Kowntz
0112  atomic clock a.png

0112  atomic clock b.png

We’re all De-Vo! [4 points] Praise Bob!!!

0113 – “Untitled? (Gay Western)” by Counts
0113  gay western  a.png

0113  gay western  b.png

[4 points]

0114 – “Field-Tested Since 1922” by Weirdos by the Lake
0114  field tested  a.png

0114  field tested  b.png

[4 points]

0115 – “Let’s ‘Dude’ It” by M & M
0115  lets dude it  a.png

0115  lets dude it  b.png

[4 points]

0116 – “Red Hot Rush” by Mark W.
0116  red hot rush  a.png

0116  red hot rush  b.png

[4 points]

0117 – “Bliss Out 2019” by M. Vincini (sent by Mr. O.)
0117  bliss out 2019  a.png

0117  bliss out 2019  b.png

[3 points]

0118 – “Waiting 2019” by M. Vincini (sent by Mr. O.)
0118  waiting 2019  a.png

0118  waiting 2019  b.png

[3 points]

0119 – “You’re Done, Son” by Mark “The Postinator” Counts
0119  youre done son  a.png

0119  youre done son  b.png

[4 points]

0120 – “Route 66” by Mary G. Counts
0120  route 66  a.png

0120  route 66  b.png

[5 points – fills Museum of Postcard Art #5 book!]

And that’s all I was able to scan…for now!!! (I’m hoping to get more pieces archived over the next two or three days!)

As of last update, The Museum of Postcard Art had 107 officially inducted cards and a total score of 265 points. (Again, check the previous update for what I’m talking about with this “score” thing---because I’m just trying to GET THIS POST OUT. I’ve been working on it for a week, and I just need to get it PUBLISHED!) After this update, we now have 120 officially inducted cards and a total score of: 307

I’m happy with that. And I’m happy that I’m finally getting this bugger out! It’s already time for the NEXT update!!!! Ha!!!

---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

[P.S. - With all of this talk about rushing the post to get it out and being bizzy, I feel like I've minimized the awesomeness of the artwork and connections that come with these pieces. I LOVE all of these works (otherwise, they wouldn't be going into the collection!) And I definitely appreciate the creativity and thoughtfulness of the folks who are sending postcards this direction! It's wonderful to feel like we still have friends (COOL friends!!!) and loved ones, even if we rarely get to SEE them in person anymore! SOMEDAY, all this shit will be over---and the HEAVENS WILL QUAKE from the FORCE of the FUCKING PARTY WE THROW TO CELEBRATE!!! Amen...]