Spaceman and The Universe.

in #art3 months ago

Today, I will share an imaginary painting, using acrylic colours. It was thought that came into my mind while reading my science, how a spaceman could see our earth.??

And finally I came up with this.


To make this painting, I used a white sheet of paper, a celotspe, and my acrylic colours.
I pasted the tape, at one corner of the sheet, so that we can put the colours within the area.


I used few colours of my imagination and placed them inside the tape box.


Slowly, one by one, I coloured the whole portion



After colouring the colors, I removed the tape. The main objective of applying the tape is to give a boundary to my colours.


I put more colours, along the sheet. And drew a man, sitting on a hill top and exploring the universe.






Hope, you like my painting.

Thanks for the blessing...and appreciating my work.


Learning is Passion !!


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