My daily art. Physális fast sketch

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When I was little, we went to visit my grandmother. And on her desk there was always a bunch of dry branches with wonderful bright orange lanterns.
It was especially beautiful when winter was outside and all the trees were snowy and the landscapes were monochrome, this bouquet of bright lanterns reminded of a sunny summer.

Since then, I really love this plant.


This plant is of decorative varieties, which can not be eaten because of its toxicity, but also is a vegetable, with very useful fruits and roots.
Physalis fruits have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, analgesic, diuretic, choleretic effect.

The plant does not require intensive care, is very unpretentious and grows in gardens and on the edges of forests.
Decorative physalis can decorate your garden for a long time in the summer, and bring a warm shade of sunny days to your interior dry in the winter.

this photo from here:
All drawing is my own and draw with markers.

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i like it

Thank you, I am pleased that you liked!

I love the Chinese lanterns and it was my great grandmother who gave me seeds for them!

You drew them so lovely, they look real enough to pick!

Happy Sunday!


Prabably, every grandmothers has it!))))

Haha! No doubt!

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In Indonesia, we eat this ripe fruit and have natural medicine

I think it is very important! Natural medicine is always better to use whenever possible than pills and chemistry.