Work in progress! Can you guess what I am creating?

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More art!

I promised myself to spend more time on my art and it's turning out to be amazing! My fingers already hate me and we are only 2 days in to 2020! Perfection. Why my fingers hurt you wonder? I wonder the same so let's not get into that at all.

I am an oldschoooool artist. I love paper, canvas and anything else I can draw on BUT NOT digital screens!
I got a drawing tablet for my birthday a few years back because well, digital drawing is the new shit, and I wanted to get in on that shit! Turns out, I don't like the digital work. It makes me restless and bored. While I think that digital work is the new amazing thing, I mean look at it, it's stunning what those artists make, I can't find myself to learn it. Not because I don't think I can't learn it, I just don't find any happiness in it. The only digital work I like doing is in, gooood OLD paint. Yupp you heard me right! I suck, I know and I don't care!


Above you see a small part of a project I am doing in paint! Yupppp, dots and more dots. Yes, that means that I constantly create one dot and lift my finger and do it again, over and over. I think I did a few thousant already and I am not even at 5% of the total drawing! But, I just told you that i don't like digital work.. True, but this is in paint and I like to pain myself, deal with it! ((Blinks))


After seeing these two progress shots, I wonder if you can guess what I am going to create! Can you see it already? Let me know in the comments! Would love to read them!

For now, I have to get some sleep and rest my sweet little annoying fingers!
Happy New year all!

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A sphere? A ball? A circus clown's nose closeup?