Mountain view! Dot dot and stripes! What would you like to see me draw next?

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I can't stay away from paper! Nope, I did not finish the digital drawing. I am still dotting away on it! I might have taken on a project that will take me months to finish but that is okay! You all took a few guesses what I was making but none had it right! It will be a sunset drawing!
Anywho, I am here today, to show you a drawing I made last night and finished just a few minutes ago. It's something simple and easy to create!


This drawing is made with Staedtler pigment liners numbers 0.8 / 0.5 / 0.3 / 0.1.
The paper is just a simple a5 sheet, so the drawing is not that big. It will fit in a normal picture frame.
I like creating these small drawings with only a few stripes and dots. They calm my soul and I can do them all day. Sadly, I also have other things to do but if I could live from them, I sure would! :D

Gosh, I must say that I really love the Staedtler pens. I have been using them for a few years now and I am still impressed. I have read so many bad things about them but none of the things came true for me. Perhaps the reviews I read were fake, who knows. These pens are not that expensive but not to cheap either. I pay 10 euro for a set of 6. And I must say, they go a long time unless you let them dry out! That has happened to me a few times to be honest! For some reason I keep forgetting to put them back where they belong. Oh well. I also bought a set of Edding gel roller markers in gold, silver and bronse. I am going to try them out really soon!

Progress pictures.

I took a few progress pictures but because it was in the middle of the night they are not super sharp.





I have stopped signing my drawing with my screen-name. As you can see, I now sign them again with my own letters! BR! yaaaaaaaaaaaay.
Must sound like I am always cold... Brrrrr Brrrr heheheh anywho, that's it for today folks.
Do you love mountains?
What would you love to see me draw next? Give me a nice idea and I might try my hands on it!
You can reply in the comment section!

Much love,


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Very beautiful mountain scenery, I'm sure you are the best art lover

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Thank you ever so kindly!

It's pretty amazing what can be done with a few dots and lines O_O Is that going up somewhere?

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Happy, happy ((and did I say HAPPY?)) 2020 Snek💖

Awesome to see you creating and as always I love to see the process, as a non-skilled, unartistic clod, it helps me to understand how the finished piece is created and shows me what I could do if my fingers weren't made entirely from sausages and clumsiness!!!

They calm my soul and I can do them all day.

Hmmm... You just answered your own question ((that you didn't ask...)) Do whatcha love and happiness, meaning and contentment will follow. Pfft who needs housework anyway right? Art and chocolate cake for 2020 😁

Wonderful to chat yesterday, you really have become a very dear friend and at times a rock in my life since we met, but if you ask me tomorrow if I said this I will claim that my account got hacked and that you annoy the hell outta me!!!

You asked about ideas for what to draw next, what about a freezer in a basement filled with bod... Oh wait, No, that's probably not appropriate.

I think you now sign your work in exactly the right way!

Take great care, see ya soon 😎