Bouquet of spying eyes...(latest drawing)

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Bouquet of spying eyes...


Because I have been stippling or dotting as i like to call it, for days now, I really got the urge to just doodle a bit last night! When I doodle, I have no clue what I will draw and what I will end up with! Most of the time when I look at my drawings, I still have noclue what I ended up with btw! Yesterday, I just placed the tip of my pen against the paper and let the muse do her trick. A line here, a curly thingy there, a few dots here and there as well. Some massive black at the end because black rules.. And Tadaa I finished my midnight doodle with a smile and a pooped brain! Doodling forces me to relax. Best medicine in the world for me.

I will give the specs of the drawing first and I will follow up with what I don't like about my doodle!


Staedtler pigment marker numbers 0.5 and 0.05
Verhaak a5 paper.

Like always, I used the same materials and that is also what I don't like with this doodle! Let me explain why I feel that way.
The pigment marker I used, the 0.5 one, was too thick in my opinion. I noticed it half way into the doodle. Don't get me wrong, I love my drawing but I will use a smaller tip the next time when I draw on a5 paper. I feel like the inkt is too big. Well the lines are too thick for the paper and ... Ooh well. To add some more details I used the 0.05 one. If I had used the 0.5 for that, my drawing would have turned out totally black. While it looks cool, I think would have enjoyed it more on bigger paper and with more lines. Lesson learned. Sometimes you make mistakes and that is okay. It still looks amazing but with my trained eyes, I should have known better!

Here come the progress pics but be warned.... I was so deeply concentrated on my doodle that I did not really take the time to focus on the pics I took! Some look good others are blurry as fuck! Oh well. I guess thats just me after all!

Progress pictures!







What would you do?

What would you do if you are working in a drawing and you are half way in and you notice you made a mistake? Do stop and start over or do you finish it anyways? I would love to know your answer to this question! So, feel free to reply down below!

Thank you for reading my post!
I hope you will have a marvelous slithering day!
Best wishes,

Me new.jpg

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You are so good. This a good job