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RE: 🚪 Turning Trash into a Time Machine ♻️ Building Guerrilla Art in the Park

in #art2 years ago

Wow, this was beautiful :) you have some very impressive artistic abilities my friend. I love the creativity. How long did that take to build?


and just a few hours later we had the portal standing upright

but I didn't really pay attention to the time passing... time doesn't really matter when you have a time machine in the end anyways, right?! :P

yeah, but i really don't know, took us a moment to haul the timber over the fence but I was home before 4am... I guess the actual building took like two hours maybe... and a big part of that was spent eyeing out where to put the next slat to make the web in the bottom look nice.

Ah, missed that haha my bad. That would be true if you're also immortal haha :p

Wow. That's awesome. I feel like I'd have to spend many hours planning and designing to make something look that good, let alone put it together