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Hive Zombie EUC Rider! by @kommienezuspadt

We've had some UI updates this week, here is a brief summary!

Activity Feed

There have been some updates to improve browsing on the activity feed:
Screen Shot 20201127 at 2.06.50 PM.png


We now have a referral tracking page which you can find in your personal profile, this page gives you the ability to directly copy your link and keep track of how many referrals you've made with total earnings displayed:

Screen Shot 20201127 at 2.07.11 PM.png

Infinite scroll fix

Some user were experiencing issues with infinite scroll in the main gallery, there is now a load more button which has resolved this issue:

Screen Shot 20201127 at 2.09.31 PM.png

Direct transfers added to art history

Previously direct transfers of NFTs from one user to another with no sale occurring was not displayed in the art history, this has been added:

Screen Shot 20201127 at 2.27.59 PM.png

Unlockable instructions

We have added a better explanation for how to add and manage the unlockables for artists so it is more clear:

Screen Shot 20201127 at 2.39.04 PM.png

Aside from those main changes there has been some overall touch-ups to the site to make it look more cohesive :)

Reminders for HiveFest

There is still time to enter your tokenized art for the HiveFest VR gallery. Ideally we will choose all the art to display 1 week before the event which is December 18! Check out the post here for details:

Visit the site and browse art:

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"Load more" button is very welcome, but in the Brave Browser the content is loaded above the "Load more" button instead of below it.

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Hey there Julia, this is my first attempt at creating a NFT out of my paper collage art pieces. I will need to use a scanner to upload the picture into digital format I presume. Exciting new learning curve for me into NFT territory. I'm following your prompts...