First time try to art something


Hello all my steemit friends. How are you all? I think you all are fine I am also fine today.

Today I am going to share my blog about creativity in art.

This is my first art creative blog here in steemit platform.


I am a Bangladeshi citizen .Royal bengol tiger is the national animal here in my country. I am try to draw this Royal Bengal tiger.

This is my imagination of larger mangrove forest of the world Sundorban .

Tiger is also the symbol of Bangladesh cricket and others games. Players carry this tiger symbol as a proud Bangladeshi .

My life before join in

My name is Nazmul Islam.At present I am an Bsc Electric and Electronics engineering. I live in Dhaka Bangladesh. My village house is comilla Bangladesh. I lost my parents.

The time was 2017 . I am a student of second years bsc electric and electronics engineering .
This time my father lives but I lost my mother. My father do a job in a private company. We can manage and bear our family cost we are 4 brothers and 1 sister. All of us are study in different institutions. He bear our clothing, education, medical cost within his limited salary. It was very difficult to bear all cost. But we are still happy as medal class family. We are living like king family.

My sister study in a college. And others brothers study in school.

2017 suddenly my father become serious ill. He admitted into a local private hospital. Doctor gives him lots of test for diagnosis. But there is no fix disease in the diagnosis test. Hi frustrated and we also. I come to hospital from university. Lots of money are wasted here nothing positive sing. After some days I come in my village house but my father health condition become danger and danger day by day he dose not eat any kinds of food and drink. Than I admitted my father in comilla government hospital this time doctor also giving so much costly test for diagnosis but same results there is no fixed disease tested. Again we all become frustrated what's going on we can't understand how log time will need to find out the disease.

Comilla government medical college reffer to Dhaka medical college. Same happened here. Doctor give so much costly test but this time I face money crisis. My relative help us. Finally doctor fixed the disease. The disease is cancer. Need operation as fast as possible. This time need lots of money for operation and again my relative help us.

Operation is not success doctor said he will live just 3 months. Hear this news my lost my word to express .My father is going to die. What will happened my family. I am crying. I am not published anyone about cancer.

After 1 month he become well from dangerous operation doctor suggested him lots of medicine and others requirements and food habit. After 15 days my father become well and he is walking and running as well. My feel very good that finally my father become well. But I know he will die soon.

This is I need all responsibility of my family but I am just a student .I am going to search Google, Facebook YouTube about online income I find some site but these all was fake and scam site I become more frustrated this time I haven't any payment after hard work in this fake side.My study cost also become danger for me I can't effort to carry-on my study also.

My life After join in steemit:

Suddenly I see about social blockchain platform in a Facebook group. Than I create a free account from my phone than I learn about steemit from Facebook, Google, YouTube.

I find out
Where I invest and earn steem and stem dollar. By this social blockchain platform I able to bear my father medicine cost, family cost, and my study cost as well. I never forget to show my lots of love and respect to Steemit change my life and family.

Here I am find lots of good people who make steemit proud.

Now I want to thanks


This two men who help me lots to learn about this steemit platform . These men are incredible in steemit from Bangladesh steemit community.

That's all from me today about Steem blockchain platform.

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