Quick digital painting, brush and color experiment|| Some videos at the end

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ntopaz-image-0I didn't actually plan on finishing this. I draw almost all the time and most of the time i am doing things for nothing. Only a few that looks decent enough, i upload them here. Mostly i just start some painting then erase them or just quit the software without even saving them.
This one started as one of those piece.
I just randomly chose a face from the internet and i was doodling, had no intension to actually finish it.
But then the lineart got kind of good. I mean my lineart don't get that good if i am not studying proportion. So i decided to keep painting and try on some new brushes.

A few days ago i dowloaded angel ganev's brush pack and they are amazing. there are tons of brushes to choose from and i really liked this blooby kind of brush and used that one to paint this.
first it was just the face and the cloths and then i decided to add some sparks to it. And added that crown thingy and some glowing smoke from her cloths.

here are some process shots:

Screenshot (1092).png

Screenshot (1093).png

Screenshot (1094).png

Screenshot (1095).png

Screenshot (1096).png

Screenshot (1097).png

Screenshot (1098).png

Screenshot (1099).png

fire from cloth.jpg

You can see some of my other painting videos here by just clicking the videos below without having to leave steemit.

A female portrait painting process:

Mushroom seer painting process that i did for splinterlands art contest:

Another portrait painting video:

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Great Artwork!!! 😀 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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