Black Magic Woman - original art by @mariandavp

in #art5 months ago

Who remembers that song? Got a black magic woman... Most of you must be too young to know it. I myself had forgotten it until earlier this evening, when I went out to the balcony to doodle and enjoy the first summer night, and heard it play from a neighbor's house. So I painted her; a Black Magic Woman.

If you have followed my art over the years ypu will have noticed how I love to draw and paint african women and children. I adore their beautiful curvy characteristics, the honesty in their eyes, the colorful culture and the subtle rythm of their aura. I trully enjoyed making this drawing as well, even if it's no more than a humble office like art.


Here is the song, if you feel like chilling the old fashioned way and why not have a mojito at the ease of your imaginary roof garden :)


Wow...i really love this one!
You really captured the expression in her eyes/face...

Thanks so much 🤗

You're welcome :)

Beautiful artwork as always, Marianda! I love the flowers all around her.

I know a few songs by Carlos Santana but I've never heard this one, you got me there hahaha.

Thanks for sharing!

I'm glad I got you there @siucatti! Hope the music makes your day ...and night, slightly more groovy :)