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RE: Iglu-Dorf snow hotel virtual tour - snow sculpture

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The view is amazing and as the ice melts it will disappear! I can't be in a place like this because it's too cold for me, even wearing good coats. The pictures are very good. Greetings @ammonite


Thanks @marcybetancourt. Inside it usually hovers around -2 degrees even if outside it is -14. The snow is a great insulator and it is a very dry cold so really doesn't feel too bad. I am feeling much colder back home in Ireland where the temperature is around 6 degrees at the moment.
It is funny to think of all the energy we put into this only for it to disappear but I kind of like that.

If I am at 7 degrees I feel that I am in a freezer! But when I read you I think about the great illusion and the great enthusiasm that this place was doing. No matter that it disappears ... for you it is an achievement and it made you very happy. That's the important thing!