Giant Frog- NFT Showroom- Giveaway Winners <3

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Thank you all for so much support and retweets ^_^ This was really fun.

In my previous post I announced the giveaway, as the auction is over so is the giveaway.


Thank you to @almightymelon for the help ^_^
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@juliakponsford @oblivioncubed @victoriabsb @nathanmars7 @barbarabezina

I tokenized it a little while ago, so you may need to scroll in your Collection to find it if you have a lot of art :)

Giant Frog






The rest of the participants got dragon heads ^_^

Giant Frog Art process:


A little promo ;)


Later today or tomorrow I plan to post the art process for my latest artwork, so I hope you check it out ^_^


Oh no! I'm so sorry!

I just realised that I made your draw slightly unfair.

If you look carefully, one of the rolls was only 1-10.

So participants 11 and 12 had a very slightly less chance of winning.

Number 12 won anyway, but number 11 should feel slightly hard-done-by.

Again so sorry.

It's ok :D I'ts just 1/5. Half of the users didn't follow the rule of leaving a confirmation comment in the original post xD Also I'm not too sure if Kittybast is the correct Hive account for that Twitter user :)
Thank you for the help ^-^ Don't worry about it <3

So cool! I'm very happy! Thank you 💕

Welcome ^-^ Thank you for participating!

Thank you so much!!

Welcome! ^-^

Thanks Kristy this is awesome!

My pleasure thank you for participating ^_^

Congrats on all the winners! Very well deserved, and this frog will fit into any collection very well <3

Thank you for participating <3 ^_^

Cheers, and thank you for keeping us engaged with so much awesomeness 😁

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