Finally Started Drawing Again :)

in art •  9 months ago 

Work in progress.
I haven't drawn anything in 3 weeks... I've been posting my older art :) Still have more left too

I'm currently reading this, it's inspiring.
Asur Misoa is my latest favorite artist, they're incredible!!

Wasn't sure if to share these as they're a lot creepier than my usual stuff.

Thank you for checking out!

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Cool drawings @kristyglas good to see you drawing again :)

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Thank you ^^

Nice and creepy, I really enjoy your work and I'm glad you're back to it.

Oh, the Aries dragon of yours I based my 3D printable model off of has been downloaded by quite a few people on the site I posted it on. Granted it wasn't steem so I have no proceeds to show for it. But hey, at least they liked it.

Thank you ^^ That's lovely!
I also started working on Sagittaurus sketches. :D It might take a while

I like your style) It looks a bit gloomy, but this is what I like most of all! Do not stop in your work)

That first drawing kind of reminds me of something from Harry Potter. Cool drawings.

Thank you! Actually I've been listening to James Potter series, I'll start the book 4 soon :) It's an incredible HP fan fiction, and I highly recommend.

I've never heard of the James Potter series. Where did you come across it?

Possibly goodreads, bit I'm not sure. I never track how I come across thigs. 1 thing just leads to another :)
It's free.
I might have found it when I finished harry potter again, but I didn't read it until recently. I thought it's harrys father, but no. The book is about harry's son :) The books are becoming quite dark too.

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These are really nice, Kristy, I think they are a bit more dark fantasy than your usual sketches and I like how slightly more 'dangerous' they feel :)

Lovely to hear that you have started to draw again, as well !

And wow, that is one amazing artist ! Thanks for the mention, I'll be sure to check out more of their works from now on, as well * ___ *