Dragon Doodle Poetry

in art •  9 months ago 

As I doodle I see
Dragons flowing through the ink
Spinning and swirling
Each unique and playful

They all have a story
Yet to be discovered
To be found and drawn
Still unknown, even to me

Thank you for reading ^^

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HOW do you make SCRIBBLES look cute I ask you and then somehow you go and turn them into fantastic beasts how do you even I don't understand must be a superpower [deep breath in] XD

Hahah thank you. I actually like 2 from this page, even having one good idea from a set of doodles makes the page worth it. I just go with the flow really. I can't force it and stick to a routine like professionals :)

So lovely, what a great poem! The flow and rhythm makes this very wonderful to me, filled with childlike wonders !!!

I see them too! The dragons waiting to be discovered within the swirly and flowy inks of yours, Kristy ! :D

Thank you :) I really enjoyed nursery rhymes, I did a project on them in highschool. I prefer weird poems haha. I know some people share wisdom with their poems, I just want to create whimsy :)

You are so free with your sketches, very inspiring!

Thank you :)