New Year, new life 🎨

in art •  3 months ago  (edited)

Hi guys,

not sure who is left here since the ''old days'' but I missed this place.
Since I finely quit my day job I been doing for ten years now, and got myself into freelance art life, maybe I will manage to post here more often.

For this first time after a while I am posting some new staff I am working lately on,

watercolor on canvas.

Here is one made in size 30X30cm on canvas board.



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Па где си, @jungwatercolor! Надам се да ће ти уметност донети и више пара и више задовољства од бившег посла :)

Hvala @lighteye na lepim zeljama :)
Evo gazim polako i treci mesec slobode, i ne zalim se. Pocinjem i sa svojom malom skolom akvarela ovde u Beogradu od februara pa cemo da vidimo kako ide.
U svakom slucaju, slikam kao pomahnitala hahaha.

Где је та школа и које јој је радно време, @jungwatercolor? Чисто ако се нађем у Београду…

Ruska 1, pocinjemo 02.02 od 11-14h smo tamo. Samo jedan termin nedeljno ce biti, moram da imam vremena i za slikanje :) Nedelja od 11-14h. Dobro dosao, ako te put nanese.

Само ако обећаш да у просторији неће бити дуванског дима :)

Hej, da ti mahnem!!!!:) Uvek pricam da su pravi srecnici umetnici koji mogu da zive od svog talenta :) I ja napravih poveliku pauzu, tako da cemo se ponovo druziti :*

Ohhhhh so good to see you posting again you amazing watercolours:) There some still left from the old days but there some also new and very talented artists:)

Hi dear @georgeboya! Yes, I see some old folks are still here and it makes me happy.
Hope I will manage to catch up with new people here.

I am sure you will:) And the enviroment is better these days, more fair and interesting:)

Superb talent... Now you have all the time to feed your urge for art. Awesome

The detail is extremely crisp, like for the edge of the nose. This paired with the subdued softness in contrast and color scheme makes it aesthetically pleasing.

Oh wonderful @jungwatercolor you are back! Me too, about a month now, I really missed it around here, but was too busy with other things. But, now 2020 my new schedule is including Steemit again.

There still seems to be a good core left here and I feel like we're all coming back. Welcome Home!

Well, I have a lot on my schedule for this year, first of all I am starting small watercolor school for beginners from February :) But hope to be able to post here new staff I am painting.

@jungwatercolour, I'm also given to coming and going on Steemit, and just arrived back a few days ago... Loving this work from you, and let's both stick around this time! xx

I don't know how to paint but I love art works in watercolor

in love with your stain!

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jos tu, izgleda da nemam pametnijeg posla. bas sam danas vrteo nesto po mozgu ko je jos ostao aktivan.