Ultramarine Chaos / Collage series #7 [OC]

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The seventh completed in my new series of collages...

Ultramarine Chaos


click the image to see hi-res

This collage is made from experimenting and mutating images in art breeder, and a meticulous process of cutting bits out and reassembling them. It was also exported and distorted multiple times to create additional textures to add back in to the final mix!

Some process elements:

This art has been tokenized and a 1/1 edition is available for purchase here: https://superrare.co/artwork-v2/ultramarine-chaos-8343
Screen Shot 20200225 at 7.53.54 PM.png


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good, I go check it out and re-tweet - I got 2 twitter accounts Otto Rapp and Visionary Art - the latter of which is embedded on my Visionary Art Website

Absolutely stunning - I can get lost in this! I don't even want to explore the process, otherwise I am stuck on the computer until the cows come home (need to go to the studio now for some old fashioned analog painting, lol).

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