Doomsday Preacher / Original dark ambient track for / Showcase Sunday


This is a track that I composed in 2018 but feels especially relevant this week. We have a few local doomsday preachers that like to walk around with megaphones reading from the book of revelations. I'm not a particularly religious person but they sound very ominous to me and I was lucky enough one day to be quick enough to catch a field recording.

I mixed it into this dark ambient track that doesn't have a lot of structure but is more of an atmospheric experience.


Doomsday Preacher

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Epic, I love the bubbling water sounds
in combination with the visual of the
gasmask and 'Your Alien Overlord' tag.
Dast preacher too, very apropos(t)!

Thanks, it definitely fits the mood this week/month/year?

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My thoughts exactly!

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Awwww. Gives me the creeps like Manson's version of the boat ride but hella wicked cool.

Super Doomsday Track! I am not a musician, so when I make videos, I look for CC music to add, and have by now a good collection of dark themes (something I like and goes well with a lot of my artwork). I like the image with the mask on the bottom: it looks similar to one that I used to wear at work for welding with stainless steel (using N95 filters with it).

This sure is ominous. If times wouldn't be so crazy I would love this. It sounds like a very dark John Carpenter soundtrack.

Love your art!

Hugs and good vibes

Thats rad as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!

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