Art Explosion 84 Winners! : 30 HIVE in prizes!

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We have chosen the winners for round 84 of ART EXPLOSION, the theme this time was EXPRESS YOURSELF! @vachemorte and I have finished our deliberations! We are are proud to announce 5 prizes this week, the total prize pool is 30 HIVE!

First place: Doubt by @jungwatercolor
Prize: 10 HIVE


Second place: GAN-Inspired Absurd Horror by @stellabelle
Prize: 8 HIVE

Third place: Inspiration in the Lockdown by @donnadavisart
Prize: 6 HIVE

Honorable mentions: prize 3 HIVE



We congratulate all the winners and want to thank each and every one of you for entering! It is always a pleasure to see what you all come up with!

Payments will be going out shortly :)


Thanks so much! It's been a while since I won anything! :)

We couldn't resist that floppy tongue 👅

i have not received it yet. did you send it yet?

nevermind! it looks like you sent it just now!

I tried yesterday but maybe node issues wouldn't let me, I have always been in the habit of waiting a few days and verifying that none of the art was stolen but I recognize everyone here so thats not so much of a problem, I did get conned a few times when steem was hopping by fakers though 😩

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Thanks Julia!
Congrats to all who have participated and to you for buzz the Hive platform!

Thank you for joining too!

Woo congrats to the winners. Some great art presented there.

Hello my dear friend. ! I am here again after a long time. and it's great to see you. I hope everything is okay. and says the perfect posts are like that. :) congratulation.

Oh wow happy to see you back, hope everything is well 😮

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I'm excited. Thanks for the mention.
Congratulations to all the winners.
Greetings @juliakponsford and @vachemorte

this art is very interesting. I do not know what to say. I think I'll just say goodness my god

Wow, what a morning I have! Thank you dear @juliakponsford, it's honor for me truly.
Also, so happy to see @donnadavisart here, I love her work and this one is great.
Have a nice and safe day!

Heavens. thanks @juliakponsford I was just happy to contribute, you could have certainly given my 'place' to another. Now to go visit the other participants :) Share the love, right?