Art Explosion 70 Reminder: Theme: ELEMENTS / Steem, PAL and CCC prizes!

in art •  4 months ago 

You still have until Saturday to submit your entry for Art Explosion!

The theme this week is ELEMENTS! That can mean earth, air, water or FIRE:


Feel free to expound on the elements and interpret it in a creative way, as long as you can explain your reasoning in the post it is a valid entry :)

Please enter in the original post:


If you have been living under a rock and you haven't heard of tribes !!!!! I highly suggest you look into them. I suggest you add the palnet and creativecoin tags for any entries you make and even add sonicgroove also if it's music! That way I can do my part to reward the artists and creatives of Steem as much as possible!

I look forward to your entries :)


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@juliakponsford, Hope that some amazing Elemental Art pieces are waiting ahead. Keep up and encourage more artists.

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  ·  4 months ago (edited)

hey nice to see you here chiree, i gave @juliakponsford 500 ASS stake for helping me figure out the name of the nitrous site, the suffix .app she thought up when i asked for help in palnet discord at and I am grateful to have gotten such a great name out of the discussion,

now i can soon refer people to to have people use my own condenser site, and Ill have a Pinned pos with instructions on how to claim a free account,m and ill keep buying new accounts until I on board at least 10000 users

@ackza, I want to appreciate you towards one thing and that is, you are buying new accounts and trying to onboard new users to Steem Blockchain. Keep up. 👍

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  ·  4 months ago (edited)

if you can find actual people that you can verify are humans or have a 90% chance that they will be real and not a second person, if you can help onboard, we will give you links to go give to new users

if you have family members,even if you are making their intro posts and want to give theme ach a few tokens like 1 dogep 1 neoxag and a little gift bag of like 10 tokens each i can do that just tell @ackza how many account links you need and give him the names when you are done creating the accounts and saving the keys in or something whatever you use to save the keys, and then ackza will fill them up with a few cents worth of a dozen tokens or so.

But also I need to find people maybe a school with highschool students like 10 to 30 who i can give accounts all to

believe it or not, no one but a few people have asked for accounts, that will change of course with a tiny bit of marketing and a price increase, also, we can easily find situations like schools where students will have to post homework to steem but they wont miss out when they are earning tokens etc

Also we just need to go on reddit and twitter find places where people would love a free steem account with some upvotes on their first post and some various steem engine tokens

Keep up these efforts and initiatives brother.

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You should explain why you’re crying in all these pics you’ve been using lately.


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