Request For Proposal To @armandosodano For Commissioned Work.

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I shot the above photo many years ago in film with my Nikon Fm3a. It brings back fond memories for me of my first trip to England to visit relatives.

I have been following the work of @armandosodano on Steem/Hive for some time now, and would be delighted to commission his interpretation of this photo through his art.

I respectfully request that he provide an estimate to me for this commission, payable in HIVE token, and shipped to my home of record (which I will share to him directly). I also request that he share with the HIVE community his process from start to finish, which is his common practice already.




That can be a Monet right there :) He painted several of those :)

Thank you very much for the commission I am very honored and I hope to do a good job.

I will definitely be following this process.

Looking forward to this. It excites me to see collaborative involvement here on Hive among artists. Armando has a special knack for painting beautiful stonework architecture mixed with natural elements. Been enjoying following him as well.

Nice shot Joshman, Thanks for voting me- Im a Newbie here :)) Hope to see many amazing people like you 😍

Greetings brother @joshman how are you, I hope you and your family are well God bless you

hola amigo,feliz fin de semana,agradezco su visita a mi blog regalandome su voto,se lo agradezco,gracias y saludos desde venezuela

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