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in art •  9 months ago 

It is freezing cold today and one of my teachers did not show up for class. I was glad that the classroom was opened up for us to work independently because I had brought 25 pounds of clay to class so that I could use the wheel.


I pulled up about a pound of clay into a vase shape that I plan to carve once it becomes leather hard. I want something other than bowls and cups. I also had a lage saucer made until I tried to cut it from the bat. I was not too focused on how shallow the saucer was and I ruined it with the wire.

Some of my other projects came out of the kiln, but I was not satisfied with them. There were students in my class who thought that I had done a great job.


The result was just okay to me. I am not a perfectionist, but I want my work to look better than "home made".


I have to go disconnect my water hoses from the house since the temperature is going to be below freezing for a couple of days in a row. I don't want to deal with frozen pipes.

Enjoy your evening.


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Where are you located @jluvs2fly where the temperature are about plummet, UK? I agree with your classmates, I think your finished products are great.

The weather in the Eastern area of the United States is going through an artic blast. It is also extending into southern states. Thank you for your opinion of my pottery too.

I keep seeing that wOrd archaic arc welding Danget! See, even my autocorrect is like “yeah, I can’t help you with that one.” Guess that’s why I grew up in LA where there’s only two seasons, warm and slightly cooler—perfect!

We were in the UK the past 4 months, my goodness, it’s cold there and the sun doesn’t shine! They mentioned that wOrd, too, arson antsy (you know) so we came down to Greece—this is more like it.

Stay warm @jluvstofly, I don’t even own a jacket. Should I need to invest in one, I’ll just go a little further south. 😉

It must be nice to live in a tropical climate where you don't need a jacket. 😊 I can only dream.

This is an incredible designs. Just from clay they are looking shiny now.

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