Some Extraordinary Architectural Drawings By A Young Autistic Artist

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Howdy folks and greetings from the Great Plains of North Texas!

The other day an article about architectural drawings caught my eye and expecially when I learned they were drawn by a 23 yr old autistic artist. Her name is Phoebe Atkey and you can visit her website here.

I'll just show a few of her drawings. She's dog gone awesome.


She uses just a few basic pencils and colors and a pen but the way she shades, it creates a 3D effect in many of her drawings.


She is untrained and unschooled in art, her ability is a natural gift.


Every drawing is perfectly proportioned!


Phoebe lives in England and loves the classic architecture of the cathedrals there.


To draw with such precision free hand is astounding to me.


She also draws incredible city scapes.



Holy smokes, look at all the tiny windows in these.


That's not all though, she also does butterflies, insects and flowers:


No art school at all. She just started drawing!



The exciting thing is that she's only 23 so we're going to be seeing her amazing artwork for many years to come and I'm sure it will get even better somehow!


Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless you all!

PS- Here's another skilled artist who loves to draw architectural drawings but this one uses her own body as a canvas! She's a Spanish lady named Mariela Luis and she uses common ink pens like Bic. lol.




She's like a speed artist, it only takes her ten minutes to create one!


I couldn't find out why she does it, I guess for her own entertainment and to put on facebook.


I don't know how good for your skin it is to be soaking it with that ink but it's a pretty cool hobby.


People are amazing aren't they?





Wow! Amazing! Definitely a hybrid from another planet!!

lol..that's about the only explanation sir kaminchan! I have no idea how she can do this kind of perfection with no experience or training!

Do you think I can ever progress to that level Mr. J? If I really practice I mean.

Howdy deirdyweirdy! Well you are on a whole nuther level so I don't think it would be fair to anyone else to compare their work to yours. In other words, you would have to go DOWN to be on their level. Yes. That's the facts.

You and I think alike, I was also thinking about all the little windows. LOL.
She is truly amazing.
I don't want to brag, but I can draw a half way decent stick man myself. LOL.

lol..well you're ahead of me because I can't even draw a stick man! I'm so glad you liked the artwork though, so many individuals with autism are savants or amazingly gifted like this young lady and no one seems to know why.

The drawings of the city buildings are amazing - very detailed. These need lots of patience.

As to why people use their body as a canvas... well, I say whatever floats their boat.

lol..that girl that draws on herself...I bet she is popular at parties, she could be the entertainment but in a clean and educational way.

But the other young lady drawing those cityscapes and all'd love to know how long it takes to draw one of those. Many days is my guess.

That’s a wonderful talent to be able to draw like that freehand and no art school training.

I agree redheadpei, it's an amazing gift that makes regular people shake their head in disbelief! lol.

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Howdy and thank you esteemapp for the upvote and the fine work you do!

Hi janton, I am always in awe of people like Phoebe who have so much talent. Does she sell well do you know?

I looked through her website and there are no drawings for sell amazingly. They would sell for high prices for certain! Perhaps she does private sales. She does have post cards for sale, I think they are prints of her work because they're very cheap in price.

More people with autism have these extraordinary gifts than the regular population and I don't think psychologists know why, it's a mystery.

Some very cool stuff here @janton, although the girl who draws on her skin may have a mental disorder if you ask me;
talented yes, but...
I think we've all 'doodled' on our hands or wrists at one time or another, but
Those thigh drawings just give me the creeps, and I agree with you.
That can't be good for your skin, nor the rest of
You when your skin draws all that stuff
Into your system. The skin IS the
Largest organ in the body.
So they say, whoever
THEY are

Howdy sir Jerry! Dang, I agree with everything you said! I think that artist who uses her body as a canvas is craving attention and the other girl is so gifted I can't get my head around it. lol.

But I'm sure you've had the same reaction from people hearing you at your performances! They can't believe this guy is so good!

This is how my Daughter draws. Impressive work!

Too bad they won't let you have anything sharp like a pencil...too hard to draw with a crayon, LOL!


Sir smithlabs! You saying your daughter can draw like this? I'd be marketing those drawings for her. lol.

She is a very talented artist! But, she is also a Doctor of Pharmacy; so she is Not a 'starving artist', LOL!

Debbie used to draw before the MS, but not now; that is where she got the ability. She was drawing beautiful pencil drawings, when she was in first grade. I got her some pastels, and she was making stunning pictures in a week. I got her clay, and she was molding animals in a week, that looked alive.

I should get some of this....


It's good to know someone in your family has talent. What the? Metal clay? You use it to make jewelry with?

Metal clay is formed like normal clay, and fired to high temperatures. The resulting part is 9% smaller, and pure metal. Art of all kinds, simply molded, dried and carved.

I want to try a special method I have developed, that will allow me to make a number that match; and maybe larger figures.

Imagination is the only limit....


Sir smithlabs! A number that matches what?

Metal items that are the same. Form one, then make 20 more that match!


Oh ok I guess that makes sense.

Amazing talent 👏👌🙏💐 very impressed 👏💖

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Howdy there clitadias! I'm so glad you liked this artwork, I agree!


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