My music video will be featured on MakersPlace this Friday, 1 PM PST!

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I uploaded my first pieces to Makers Place before NFT Showroom was even launched. The ETH gas fees have been so high that the pieces just recently finally published lol.
I haven't even had a chance to promote anything because life has been kicking my ass lately.

So here is my attempt at promo:

MakersPlace is featuring my art/music video, Typhon of Distress, tomorrow (Friday) at 1 PM PST!

My cats are very excited about it, as am I.

Here's a tiny snippet:

Please click the pic to go to my store and support the starving Isaria:


If our reality is a simulation, this is what I think it would sound like to an outside observer. Great piece, @isaria.

lol I like that

and thank you!

congratulation, this is extraordinary !