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There's an army of aliens headed your way
They might look like kitties but they don't want to play

This is another piece in my series of Alien Doppelgängers, meaning it was originally a photo of me.
My cats told me to turn myself into an alien kitty.


Hey Isaria - Any upcoming Kickstarter Album experiments?

Or does that not really catch your fancy.
Just curious.

Hey! You left a comment on one of my posts the other day about something really cool but I didn't understand what it was. I need to go find it and ask you about it. I didn't even know Kickstarter album experiments were a thing lol. Also, you had recommended that I join Makers Place and I applied about a month ago but I never heard back from them :(

Hey Isaria.

  1. Just comment at me about whatever it was that you thought was interesting, and I'll reply.

  2. Please try doing a Kickstarter Album Experiment. --

Go look here and think "What small little experimental project could I try to do?"

Then try doing a new one each month, and see what happens.

Is it "Soothing Music for Riots and Pandemics"?

is it "An Ode to my Cats"?

Is it a Splinterlands Album release?

You have to just think about who you are targeting audience wise, and then focus on a digital album release, // or a music video series // or an experimental documentary, or whatever.

Figure out what people want to pay for, and how you can help them out.

Yea. You need to go to the Makersplace discord, and talk to one of the admins.

They are swamped,

Talk later.

lol "An Ode to my Cats" and "Soothing Music for Riots and Pandemics" .. I love it!
Sounds interesting, I'll check it out .... I don't have a fan base though.:(

You do. And you'd build one up as you go along.

Most of your work would be funded through HIVE, and ETH, I'd guess.

But you could easily build a USD audience by releasing regular album projects like that. Kickstarter actually has a pre-existing base of people on there just looking for cool projects to back.

The challenge is what project to create so that you attract people to try out your project.

Then the challenge is to create another project, so you can re-engage those people in the next thing you do -- possibly even bringing them onto HIVE to be a part of your process, in some unique way, etc.

You'd basically just have to do a Quickstarter, and give it a shot, see how it goes.

ok cool I'll check it out then ❤️

Yea, I just got my friend @ailmorse to try making a draft of her first Quickstarter.

She's a Jeweler, and I suggested that she use it as like an experimental project lab for her stuff, and then send her excess stuff over to shopify.

For you - the idea might be similar, but instead of shopify it goes to wherever your music goes.

HIVE is sort of like the development / project development blog, cause people here have HIVE to share, but not really USD.

But I think it's important to do the whole "Build an Audience in USD" type thing, in addition to using tools like HIVE.

I think you also ought to check in with Makersplace about doing those Cryptoart music video NFTs.

So, you'll have the same project / album being shared, ideally:

HIVE - Blog Posts.
Splinterlands - In Game Assets?
Kickstarter - Albums?
Ethereum - NFT Music Videos / Audio Visual Loops?

All of those sources pulling from the same project is the proposed idea.

Let me know if you end up doing anything interesting with it, I'm curious to see how this approach works.

It's basically what I'm trying to do with my art, but applied differently.

Thanks for sharing these very cool creation keep up the good work 👍🏾


No problem it's my pleasure 👍🏾

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