House on Fire | Painting Study

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House On Fire Study.jpg

Another painting study that I made on Photoshop. Just finalizing the composition and concept before painting it on a canvas.

Making a painting study is harder than making the final output in my opinion because during this stage, it needs a lot of thinking! So that's why I'm also been stressed out lately.

Here's the process of making the study. Luckily, I was able to decide which color scheme to use in my head before making this. So I didn't have the moments of changing colors here and there.

The first stage was making a rough sketch.


Then finalizing the lines.


Laying out the colors.



Then putting the fire and daisies.

House On Fire Study.jpg

Critics are always appreciated as they are necessary so I could look at the study once more before laying my brush on a canvas (where CTRL + Z doesn't exist). Thank you! :D

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I'm just wondering how you felt while painting this?
Is this somehow representing you? :)

Yes, all of them are me. Lol. Originally, the sketch was from 2018 and I just left it there in my sketch pad. I was feeling sad for me being a slave of my own thoughts but still hopeful about things. This represents feeling down or even fueling the negativity but also shows hope about the situation.

Definitely! I have a phrase for this:
''HOPES Bigger than fear'' :) <3

Just wow! You did an amazing artwork and by sharing the steps until the final picture everyone can learn the skill. As I mentioned some times before I strongly believe, that arty skills are coming from techniques and training mainly. The smallest part of it is talent. So I appreciate the sharing of the techniques showing the progress onto a final artwork.
Thank you!

I'm glad you like it! Yeah I may be doing those kinda "tutorials" again with some tips in each step so I could help others somehow.

arty skills are coming from techniques and training mainly. The smallest part of it is talent.

I believe in this as well. I think talent is just a bonus or hmm like an advantage that you'll learn skills easily than when you don't have it. Even when you have the talent, if you don't practice, it's still useless. Training and experience are very essential.


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Hello @hiddenblade
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Wow, thank you!

those are pretty bad angels! :)
you always use photoshop or other digital tools to create what you like to paint? Nothing to do with art, but I tend to use paper and pencil for notes and anything else I do in the office and in private life, except for social media, bookkeeping, emails and documents that need to be read by colleagues and my customers. Guess I'm old school :)

LOL they are. :p
Yeah I do most of the time, but I also use paper for my notes before moving digital. I love making those quick sketches and writing down on paper with my ideas as well because they are easier to remember that way (at least for me).

I agree; Writing down stays better in memory. You ever wrote cheat sheets for an exam in school? I did one or two times. Complex and long formulas. But didn’t need them at all, since they stuck in memory. Whenever I put something in my phone, notes, calendar etc I tend to forget more easily. Strange way the human mind works :)

Cheat sheets, I wasn't sure what you mean as I think there are two definitions so I had to research LOL! Cheat sheets for cheating in an exam I think I've done that once when I was younger.. Wasn't worth the risk tho cos I felt guilty LOL. Cheat sheets, like writing down notes repeatedly just to remember them, yes! Many times and it literally saved me from failing. Hahha. There are different types of learning and some listen to the words, etc etc. It's a good thing we have the same method. :D

I also agree with putting notes on phones and electronics. I dunno, but I also forget them a lot but when I write them down, I remember them easily. Lol indeed the human mind is complex and very interesting :D

Hahahaha the first cheat sheet form you mention is the one I try to refer to :)

hahah well at least I sent you two answers! :P


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The process of going from the rough sketch to the finishing line was astounding for me. The fire adding process was even really elaborate a d my goodness, I love the fact that the depicted maiden is exactly you, no despairing. It's a beautiful grande finale and the process was fun

Thank you! I'm glad you like it! Thanks for the compliments :D

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very beautiful painting...

Thank you!