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RE: 🚪 Turning Trash into a Time Machine ♻️ Building Guerrilla Art in the Park

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First of all! Your partner in crime name, @isnogud, really reminds me of #isengard! So, maybe you should open the portal to another place! :D
Secondly as I'm getting to know you more, I think those imaginary teens that you accused for breaking the top of the door... De dennn... Moment of truth... One of them was you! (#mnightshyamalan #rickandmorty)! You made a portal to another dimension and time line which led to this! Your teenager self, with his manly strength came to our time line and did this! (I'm not sure how old are you, but I'm sure you are that energetic bomb yet at your current age!).
Another theory for the damage is again YOU! But this time a little more mature and not that testosterone bomb teenager! So you came back to destroy the portal preventing human extinction in year 2020! That's a really close call!!!
Considering the #isengard theory, this could be even #orcs! Okay enough let's keep going!
I like it one thing about the night version of the portal! You paid attention to lighting details! As it's obvious when the portal opens to the daytime, there should be some lighting coming to the current location! And I enjoyed you put time on it so make it more realistic! ♥
Also to hit you again with another moment of truth!

I never actually tried it myself, I'm not that crazy, I'm not going to mess with the fabric of space and time... I'll leave that to you.
You did it man... You did... Not the exact you, another version of you did, who was a little crazier than you! ;) (I'm not sure when I get done with this time travel concept and I can't let you know because I don't know myself!) By the way, what is this #GooglyEyes ?! :D

And last but not least, as a hardcore old aged gamer! I consider a portal should always take you to a place exactly opposite to the where you are!!! So here is my egoistic version of your art!!!


P.S: Please don't judge my art becauce it was a two min craft! :D


Oh my, I love that the post got your imagination rolling there, and taking into account the infinite weirdness of the multiverse... probably all you said is 100% factual truth... somewhere or somewhen :P

Thanks for the appraisal of my photoshop wizardry, that light bleeding in from day-side into the night looks kinda convincing doesn't it... yeah, my teenage self is quite proud of that actually!

Still nobody has copied my blueprints from Planet Googly into the comment section here but at least the "What is #GooglyEyes" mystery has been resolved for you already.