Individualized Portraits!

in art •  10 months ago  (edited)

Hello Steemians, I have been gone for a while and wanted to see what is going on here!

I don't think anybody still knows me, but a year ago I ran the minimalist contest which was somewhat successful. I also shared a lot of my artwork. I am thinking about coming back and offering individual illustrations; portraits of you 😉

An example of my work is here (I drew a Steemian who auctioned for his portray on steembay):


I wanted to know if anybody is interested in getting his or her portray?!

If so, let me know by leaving a comment 😊👍

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wow, thank you for the upvotes! I'd appreciate some comments as well :D

Hi @gulugu.. I know you ;) .. welcome back <3

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hey! so cool that you checked by :))) I can see that your art has grown as well! 😄

haha .. thank you 😁

Welcome back @gulugu nice to see you again. Of course I remember you

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hey 😊