Eli by Gael - A Watercolors Present

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During this past year, a girl appeared on our community. She was funny, smart, artistic, and dynamic. She was interested in learning about blockchain, so she joined every group and server she could. After some time she involved with the whole community and has gained quite support and affection from this little family. Her name is Elizabeth, but we just call her Eli.

On a certain opportunity I commented I wanted some materials for my paintings. Out of the blue she wrote me and showed me some products there in Ecuador where she lives. She had a friend that would come to Venezuela and could bring me the materials. Of course I accepted. It took quite some time to have them in my hands and some more to have time to use them, but finally I got into it. So, as my first painting with my new paper and Watercolors I chose to draw her as a thank you.

I'm not the greatest when it comes to faces, but I try hard. I made this skecth using some of her photos I stalked lol (with the help of some friends).

This is actually the first time I try Watercolors on tubes. They are creamy, dense, and more brilliant than the solid presentation. I feel like I wasted a lot of material, but it's the price of learning.

With yellow, red and white I mixed some skin tones. I also worked some violet and clear yellow tones in her skin.

The black color was the star of this painting. I made a long dark hair and very sparky eyes.

Final result! I think it looks a lot like her and hopefully she would be pleased with my artwork.

Thanks Eli for the material and being eager to help :3

A4 180gsm paper and watercolors.
Photos edited with Snapseed.

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