Let's go to a Garden Centre, Make a little garden, and walk by the seashore, shall we?

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Good day again all my lovely Hive chums. As my post yesterday, one for the first time in a LONG time, pointed out, I live in video a lot now. And as @ryivhnn pointed out, when I queried, most don't like the Youtube platform but will Watch it if it is imbedded here.

Thus, all my hard work to make my weekly videos can come here then, to land. For now I suppose I'll go backwards and then post more weekly after I've caught up.

In this video we Think Spring and head out to the local Garden Centre to see what we can get. And let's make a fairy garden (tho I make mine with little animals in lieu of fairy statues) and what other things we can get up to. And yes, we'll look at my view and take in all the seaside.

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