Another Antique Shop outing and let's plant some bulbs and Hatch some Chickens

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I suppose I am 'officially' back to Hive. Tho I've not the time, as of yet, to go about and give my hellos and such to my favourite fellow Hivians (if that is indeed what we are called) I shall do in time.

Having made a full time job of Youtube over this past year, I realize I am finally getting the point that I think I CAN happily share that work with you here (and you can watch it here rather than the dreaded Youtube LOL) and get back into the swing of comments and upvotes and back to this community I so miss.

Here is another of my recent vlogs where we continue our Antique shopping/thrifting (part 2 actually at a great place. We'll also get to play with some planting and chickens and just generally enjoy my sea view and my quiet life by the sea.

I hope you enjoy and I'm quite happy to be back amongst all of you. You have always been such a happy and joyful community :)



Your videos kind of jumped to next level XD

I miss your drawings. I don't know if it's just me but the audio seemed to go a bit quiet in and after that segment where you were drawing (I scrubbed back super quickly but it seems to be fine before then).

Ahh you have the crazy looking chookies XD

thanks yes I had a Crazy week and couldn't fix audio before I got my video out, I'm trying to to stick to my schedule so sometimes a few things suffer, but I figure, keep at consistency and improve quality as I go :) I hope you are well.
Yes, I love all types of chickens.