Digital art_2010. Wyoming

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Hi friends!

Today I show you how I drew one more landscape
I inspired of excellent shots maked my friendin @viking-ventures, when she travelled in Wyoming




Background with sky and mountains


Middle ground (forests and valley with a lake)


Working with details


It's so sorry to havn't a brushes with different form in SAI (only round brushes).
So I created a triangle brush in Photoshop and drew with it far forest in middle right hill.


On the foreground I decided to draw a willow-herb.


This plant has very beautiful lilac flowers (but i don't know is it grow in Wyoming or no)


Final details - drop shadows, lights areas to clouds, snow on the top of mountains


And color correction in Photoshop of cause.


I hope you'll like my new art ;)

This my picture in full size you can buy in my store on MakersPlace

Have a nice and creative day!


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beautifull drawing fellow❤️

@solaiman, thanks!

Beautiful work! Thanks for tagging me, I'm glad to be inspiration.

Beautiful work! Thanks
For tagging me, I'm glad to
Be inspiration.

                 - viking-ventures

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Many thanks for excellent shots, lori!)))))

Beautiful artwork @daring-celt, @viking-ventures showed me the original photos, and this is a really nice work from the inspirations!

@jamerussell, thanks a lot!))

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Thanks a lot for support!

I truly enjoy the gentle slopes in this image. The verdant grasses have a calming effect enhanced by the vast distances and punctuated by the lake in the middle. The foreground is wonderfully dynamic with the sinous lilacs dancing in the breeze. Nicely done, @daring-celt!

@litguru, thanks for visit and comment!
I'm glade to people like my art))