Create romantic card to St. Valentine day in Photoshop

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Hi friends!

On the eve of Valentine's Day, I want to tell you how to create a romantic postcard with own hands.


For this work we need a beautiful photo - with the permission of my Germany friend [Lina Kurbanovsky](, I used her still life - and programm Photoshop (any version).

Starting to create a new brush.
In new file (400 x 400 pxl, with transparent background) I draw the heart form (from Photoshop library Custom Shapes Tool)


Create a new brush


Make setting for new brush




For Color Dynamic setting need to draw example stroke (on new layer!)


I like result, and I draw with new heart brush on photo.


Then I change setting a little and draw double hearts


Now can to change blend mode to create best effect.
I like a picture with Pin Light blend mode


And can else beautiful "bokeh effect"
It's so easy to create:

  • set Linear light blend mode for hearts layer;
  • make one copy;
  • blur copy layer with Gaussian Blur (radius - 5-6);
  • set Lighten blend mode for copy;
  • and reduce opacity for original layer to 5-10 %.

Now you can sign a card and congratulate your loved one on it!


Be happy in Valentine's Day!


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