Inktober 2019 - Day 26 - DARK - Jealous Wife.

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Day 26 DARK

Since ancient times it has been known that there have been cases of witchcraft, sorcery, santeria and many more. It was said that women could even become large, grotesque-looking birds so they could go where they wanted.

Regarding that today I bring you this story that the grandmother told us, which as it happened in her town in the 1940s.
There was a man whose wife was very jealous and possessive, and she went to the extreme of practicing witchcraft so that when he came out he could follow him.

It happened that one night the man went to a party with his friends and she when she saw that her husband was leaving, I wait a while and then she left too, it turns out that at that time the villages were very far from each other with dirt roads and reeds, in short you had to walk a good path between them.

It happened that that early morning and returning home he wanted to shorten the road by a reed, continued walking and it turns out that he had met his wife by chance who lay lying on her back totally naked and soulless, seemed dead and had candles to around him, knowing this kind of story since his people talked about these things, he imagined what his wife was doing there, so he turned his body upside down and waited for the dawn, because it is said that if he loves the person who has become a bird spends a lot of time outside, this person dies, when returning this grotesque bird he was determined to leave his wife there face down to die, but he thought about his children and turned her over again. Since then the man collected his things and left, never heard of him.






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