VIDEO: "Phlogiston" Flip and Lip (Acrylic Fluid Art / Acrylic Pouring)

in art •  2 months ago 


Acrylics / PVA on canvas, gloss varnish,
50 cm x 50 cm (19 ⅝" x 19 ⅝")


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I love those colours! I started acrylic pour last year, but haven't made much progress, though I did manage to pour some ok coasters which I gave out to people during SteemFest last year. I really miss pouring as I'm currently away from home and don't have of my paint and bits and pieces with me. Don't know when I can get back to it again ....

You could try alcohol inks. They're small and work on small formats (paper). Or just paint in a sketchbook? Art comes in so many forms; you can try many different things to match your circumstances. Good luck!