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The room is always the same ...

3p malo.jpg

... but it floats through my inner universe ...

9 oppp MALO.jpg

... so the view is slightly unpredictable ...

9sssioop MALO.jpg

... the room is trapped in my mind, and I'm a prisoner in this room ...


... but even a caged rat has its good days ... it depends on the view ...

9hmhmxx MALO.jpg

... as always in these ramblings on HIVE, the photographs, I mean photoshop edits and all that artsy stuff is my work.


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very cool

Thanks :)

I loved this visual poetry!


Very interesting antennas in harmony with everything .

I see that I have been caught interested in this post so I am sending one big smile of joy🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

Hehehe these are part of the secret part of the SETI project.